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Brief history

“It’s NOT just a coincidence… S’PA isn’t just a random outcome; it’s the result of my personal journey. The camper trailers and roof top tents that you see here today have been crafted over time.

Even as a young child, I would borrow tarps and nails from my father to build a tipi in the woods and embark on extraordinary adventures! As the years went by, my expeditions grew in scale. Even now, I search the wooded areas for fairies and elves, eagerly await the early darkness of winter to lie down in the snowbank, and observe the moon through my binoculars until I lose track of my own body. My goal: always aim higher, go farther, push the limits, and create more ‘wow’ moments!

When I started reliving these unique moments through the eyes of my children, I realized that true happiness lies in SIMPLICITY: less time preparing, more time exploring. S’PA Camping is thus the culmination of my evolution, but most importantly, it’s a return to my roots. The pursuit of simple and versatile camping, the way it was always meant to be… A magical moment where anything is possible!”


Expertise and Accessibility

At Rooftopcamp, we hold a firm belief that the beauty of nature should be within reach for everyone, regardless of age. This is why we provide cost-effective solutions, enabling you to tailor your adventures to various preferences.

Our dedication to accessibility is also reflected in our customer service. Going beyond mere satisfaction, we aspire to exceed expectations, foster trust, and genuinely listen. Our patrons are the life force of our business, and our unwavering commitment keeps us closely attuned to their needs.


Camping is designed to be a gratifying journey where the thrill of life, the joy of laughter, the marvels of nature, and the rejuvenation of the soul converge. Through our meticulously crafted ready-to-camp innovations, the euphoria of nature is at your fingertips.


At Rooftopcamp, we embrace the strength of local alliances and community vigor. We forge partnerships with Quebec-based artisans and enterprises. Handmade woodwork by our skilled artisans from Sherbrooke, while our fabrics find their origins in Drummondville. Assembly and welding, takes place at our Sherbrooke premises. Even our vinyl materials bear the imprint of Sherbrooke (yes, RTC is overflowing with Sherby love).


Our camper trailers and roof top tents are engineered for superior quality, ensuring prolonged durability. These solutions curtail environmental impact during your getaways, enabling you to relish gratifying experiences while embracing a tenacious commitment to sustainable and responsible consumption.

Pioneering Spirit

Rooftop Camp is a trailblazer, crafting distinctive market offerings that are all-encompassing and poised for instant deployment. Our audacious decisions have brought our dreams to life. Gone are the days of “what if…” – now it’s a resounding “it’s RTC true, let’s embark.”


At Rooftopcamp, we’re not just designers and sellers of camper trailers and roof top tents; we’re the pioneers of hassle-free, budget-conscious, and self-reliant travel experiences. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional camping: the car conundrum, setting up tents in the rain, and cramped quarters on rainy days. Our guiding principles: simplicity and affordability. Rooftopcamp brings mobility to the ready-to-camp experience.

With our innovative solutions, you can now enjoy the freedom of hitting the road without the worries that come with traditional camping. Our camper trailers and roof top tents are meticulously crafted to make your outdoor escapades truly seamless. Rain or shine, you’ll find comfort, space, and convenience at every turn.

We’ve reimagined camping to be about the joy of the journey, not the struggles along the way. Our goal is simple: to make self-sufficient exploration accessible to all. Rooftopcamp is your partner in embracing the outdoors without breaking the bank. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures without the usual hurdles. Your road to affordable adventure starts with Rooftopcamp.

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