Is the Not Heavy Ready-to-Camp Trailer making you dream about adventures and roadtrips? Now’s the time to buy! For a limited time, and with very limited stock, GET A FREE TENT with the purchase of your Ready-to-Camp Trailer… THAT’S SAVING UP TO $3,150.

But what should you do now that you’re saving all that cash? Why not use it to pimp your camping trailer with all the optional upgrades at the price of the base model? Just a hint!

If you want to have it in time for your vacation, whether you’re planning to tour the Gaspé Peninsula or visit family, now isn’t the time to hesitate. Don’t get stuck without your Ready-to-Camp Trailer, camping on the ground, damp and rocky… Yikes!

Some exceptions apply to the Treeline brand. VERY LIMITED quantities, valid until the allocated stock runs out.

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality

At Boutique Rooftop Camp, we make it our duty to be the most affordable option on the market and offer you more! You’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. If you find a cheaper product in Canada with equivalent options, we’ll match it.

With us, it’s all-inclusive, for less. Your tent comes fully equipped because Rooftop Camp doesn’t sell entry-level products… With your tent, you have everything you need; no need to add a bunch of essentials to your cart just to use it properly.

A Canadian Business, made for Canadians

Welcome to Rooftop Camp, where we’ve cracked the code to bring vanlife within reach without breaking the bank! Our mission is to make your camping adventures a breeze with our convenient ready-to-camp trailers, revamped conversion kits, a diverse range of rooftop tents, and awesome accessories. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, a luxury-loving glamper, or a hardcore minimalist, Rooftop Camp has got you covered! 

We’re firm believers that nature should be accessible to all, which is why we’ve cooked up affordable solutions that cater to every kind of adventure. Say goodbye to sky-high prices and hello to unforgettable outdoor experiences that won’t empty your wallet. At Rooftop Camp, we’re all about making your camping dreams come true! 

Join our vibrant camping community and let the wild adventures unfold! Remember, camping is meant to be fun and fuss-free, and with us by your side, it’s a piece of cake! 

Why Rooftop Camp?

Easy as a breeze

Pick the rooftop tent that speaks to your adventurous soul and transform your ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary camping mobile! It's time to embark on a wild and whimsical journey tailored just for you. Let the fun begin!


Our rooftop tents are not only affordable but also incredibly versatile and flexible. They cost only a fraction of the price compared to traditional trailers or van conversions. So wave goodbye to those hefty price tags and say hello to a world of camping awesomeness without breaking the bank!

Time is of the essence

Mattresses, sleeping bags, pillow—leave everything inside and close up your tent. With Rooftop Camp, it takes no more than15 minutes to get ready and at most 15 minutes to set up.

Rooftop Tents

Experience the thrill of rooftop tents for the whole family, ignite the spark of adventure for your adventurous couple, or embark on solo camping trips tailored for nature enthusiasts. At Rooftop Camp, we’ve got the ideal model to gear you up and let you indulge in wallet-friendly glamping! Get ready to elevate your camping game with a sprinkle of fun and a pinch of savings! 

Annexes and Awnings

Enhance your camping experience by extending your space with our diverse selection of tent awnings, roof box options, annexes, and shelters. Embrace the great outdoors while staying shielded from unpredictable weather, rain showers, and those bothersome mosquitoes! 

Camping Accessories

Looking for accessories to enhance comfort and convenience? From roof racks, tables, and chairs to storage nets, batteries, and solar panels… we’ve got it all at. We even have a fan-lamp to make your camping adventures extra delightful! 

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